Sunday, January 07, 2007

Getting it right

Here is a proposal:

When parole boards screw the pooch, the get to bunk up with the louse the released!

For releasing an oxygen-thief that kill while on parole, they take turns at sharing a cell for a couple of month each. The tarrif fits the crime.

I know, some may say I'm being soft here- only a couple of months, but the IDEA is the important thing, not the actual time spent inside- that can be debated and sorted out later.

I mean, this is the same sort of a thing as an employer getting a stiff fine for havinga dumb-ass employee crawl into a powered-up compactor, after being told not to.

If Waste Compaction Services can be held responsible/liable and go down, why not a parole board?

BTW-it's not common knowledge, but there is a section (can't recall the #) that can be applied to ensure ALL of a sentence is spent in prison.


MathewK said...

If we held parole boards and judges actually responsible for their actions, we'd have a lot less scum on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Well, they're going to hold..wait for enquiry into why a murdering thug was released so soon after being identified as being at risk of re-offending.
An enquiry, eh. That'll fix it. The family of the murdered man will be so relieved.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the board only make a reccomendation, ( wihch they should still be liable for in my opinion) which then goes on to the minister for final aproval. Its obvious where the buck stops. but just as obviosly, it wont.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Interesting, leonidas. Has anyone asked the minister (whoverever it is)how many times he/she/it has ever questioned or declined one of these recommendations?

Is this the 'sleeper' issue which finally nails Clark's gaggle of crooked incompetents.

You can bet your boots Bainimarama would never have let the bastard out.

Anonymous said...

true, I herd it on newstalk zb yesterday morning, cant remember if it was Simon Power or Garth McVicker. my guess is the minister accidentaly clicked on the 'yes to all' box. Murderes and p addicts should never see the light of day, end of story.

Anonymous said...

You are a dumbass Oswald. Haven't the lessons sunk in yet? Repeat after me.
"With responsibility comes accountability." When was a Govt bureaucrat ever responsible for anything except collecting the wages?