Monday, January 15, 2007

Another one bites the dust!

Our useless employee chucked in the towel today- finally!

It must have been giving him a weedeater and telling him to put it to good use that did the job!

That's three since I have been there (100% turnover)

They all think the job is too hard & too stressful. Softcocks!- hell- nobody has even tried to kill me during the last year and I can't recall the last time I worked for 72+ hours straight- neither have I had to hire, fire or make anybody redundant, nor have I had to had to ventilate anybody or even stop a spurting artery!

Do that sort of job and tell me what stress is!

Can anyone tell me of a job out there that has zero or near to it stress?


Anonymous said...

Dunno mate ...I thought your pal Mrs Smith had it pretty sussed, sufficiently endowed to be proudly idle, like not even cooking her own breakfast ... but then she started talking about her past, her family, & then mate amputations... a lady of breeding.
Reminded me of a clerk working in a large institution who was so industrious - definitely a job with inherently low stress - & he was responsible for the distribution of ball point pens - Howard Morrison's Bics they were - and the frustration, mayhem and angst he brought on himself .. he ended up looking like a tortured depressive... although he retained the rottweiler characteristics.
So no mate, I think it's one of those forlorn pursuits - no stress requires stress & if it's not implicit in the setting it's created.
& choice of words Oswald, when you said "ventilate anybody" my attention was immediately drawn to your prior post.

Anonymous said...

Politician is a stress free job. You can be completely useless, say stupid things, never get sacked, just shut up for a while when there's a bit of heat on, make rules to suit every sort of deviency you may like, break laws related to fraud, traffic, companies, citizenship and who knows what else with impunity while collecting good dosh and benefits, stuff up everything you touch and blame all the mediocrity on systemic failures, join exclusive clubs to hang out or get pegged out and so on. Piece of piss if you're a useless control freak and, regrettably, no shortage of appplicants.

liberty through profit said...

taito phillip feild current crust earner, although come August, that will all change.