Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cry me a river...

"The country's youngest killer cried during his recent Parole Board hearing, his mother says. Bailey Junior Kurariki, 17, was sentenced at age 13 to seven years' jail in 2002 for the manslaughter of Auckland pizza deliverer Michael Choy, who was fatally beaten with a baseball bat in 2001.

The Parole Board last week denied him an early release. His mother, Lorraine West, told the Sunday Star Times her son cried during last Tuesday's hearing, and that he knew within the first 10 minutes he was not going to be freed.

Ms West claimed a member of the Parole Board referred to him as "thinking he was a film star" and asked how he would deal with media attention when released. Her son said he did not know but West jumped to her feet and told the board she would pull the film from any photographer's camera, She was told to sit down but did not ..."


You would be friggin' blubbing If I ever got to pass sentence, you piece of shit!

You are a mad dog that is too dangerous to live and I would have you put down at the first opportunity. No fuss, no drama, just a swift appointment with Jack Ketch.

From the sounds of it, members of your family could use a little hemp osteopathy as well..


Anonymous said...

Gosh. All rather violent Os. He was worried about being looked after when he gets out and we can solve that by not letting him out. I suspect he will reoffend within the, say, first week of being out.

Libertyscott said...

Once he is released he ought to be monitored, people should know where he lives - like how sex offenders are treated elsewhere, and he is at least as dangerous. No pizza delivery company should NOT know where he lives. We are unafraid of doing this to sex offenders, why not brutal thugs like this?

At the very least his sentence should have been the difference between Michael Choy's age and the average lifespan of a NZ male, keeping him out for around 35 years or so? He deprived Choy of his senior years, it would be nice to deprive this brat of his entire youth.

Meanwhile the message is, murder someone at 12, you're out at 18 - cool eh bro? Can kill that annoying teacher/cop/neighbour/kid next door and no worries...