Thursday, January 25, 2007

An interesting precident is being set

The inability of a well-resourced and particularly agressive government department to shut down CYFSWATCH (so far) has interesting implications for all Bloggers ('cat blogs' and any left-leaners exempted).

The powers-that-be have been prodded with a pointed stick and they don't like it up 'em!

It's no secret that they don't like us and would like us to STFU and this is the most concerted effort so for to make it happen.

They might shut CYFSWATCH down, but it will soon be back elsewhere. it's ironic and amusing that all the fuss about this site has just pushed its exposure through the roof!

As they don't have any tanks to send in- anyone like to take a bet on some new legislation coming up soon?


Unknown said...

The government has made themselves immune to the law why the fuck should we have to play the rules?

Any more legislation along these lines by this gang of bullies will be seen for what it is, another effort to hide its many many failings.

The Empress has NO CLOTHES.

P.S. Do underestimate the power of the cat blogs.

Anonymous said...

Would the Arseholes in charge give up their witch hunt if there were some accounts on cyfswatch portraying them in a more positive light, i.e. getting it right?. surely they can't fuck them all up, it's the law of averages.

Unknown said...

Yeah not really looking for a percentage here.

The issue remains that CYFS openly admit that they apply their policy as superior to New Zealand Law effectively circumventing the bill of rights act.

That alone is unacceptable.

When you find actual witches its not a witch hunt, its a cull.

Anonymous said...

I am rather baffled by other bloggers' leitmotif of disapproving of calling a CYFS employee a "fat ugly cow."

I hope you will agree that there is nothing wrong with calling a fat ugly cow a fat ugly cow.


Oswald Bastable said...

Truth is the defense against defamation.

Thing is, even an ugly cow gives milk, meat and hides.

These ones are a tatal waste of rations!