Monday, January 15, 2007

'Rape Education'

This subject has drawn quite a few comments over at Lindsay's Blog.

Also, David Farrar has gotten a selection of comments on his site.

The big issue for me would be what do I teach my boys on this subject.

Lesson One- Knock some little tart up and you will be bleed dry by her agent, the IRD for the next twenty years. Forget about owning your own home and it's going to be an uphill battle finding a women of your own that will be forgiving of your past transgresssion.

Lesson Two- Once you have your condom on, you better be damned sure she wants to do this. She may be all fired up for it, but could easily cry 'Rape' when work gets back to her parents!
As she could at anytime in the future, should she get her nose out of joint over you!

Lesson Three- The judge will probably lean towards believing her tears. Prison is a bad place- a very bad place. Graphic descriptions of prison life follow for the next couple of hours.

Lesson Four- Intoxicated females are far less rational than sober ones. Avoid like the plauge!

Lesson Five- When you go drinking, go stag and TALK about girls. If you want to chase girls, stay sober- it's easier that way too!


Mrs Smith said...

Wonderful advice. Hormones and alcohol are a very bad combination. If under the age of twenty, one should only be permitted to endulge in one or the other at any given time.It would save a lot of bother.

Anonymous said...

mmm... advice to pass on to my daughters.
"Get drunk and you'll get screwed whether you want to or not."

I couldn't agree more. Hormones and alcohol are a very bad combination.