Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Art of Politics

One of the main rules is to make little of the big events and much out of the small ones.

Evidence of this has been prominently displayed in the last few day (making much of little things) over the declaration of several blogger who have announced that they would rather be dragged buck naked through a blackberry tangle than go drinking with left-loving (or even any) bloggers.

That's their position (and MINE) What of it? What is there to make a big deal about?

Or did they dare to have a position on the matter and be non-PC and announce to the world "I don't friggin' love everyone under the sun!"

I believe that the world is comprised of about 20% arseholes, 79% drones and then there are the rest- some of whom I would actually enjoy having a drink with.

I have no desire or need to mix & mingle with the 'others' They don't interest me and are as likely to be 'converted' as a muslim is to take up raising hogs!

I've meet and talked to people from every kind of background in NZ. A far wider range than many will have met in the flesh.

I don't like most of them- but if you had read the blog header you would already know that!


Neil said...


I'm a blogger and I'd love to have a beer with you.

I'd suggest a Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale (about 8%)

See http://www.renaissancebrewing.co.nz/

I'm buying.

Oswald Bastable said...

Neil, I do believe you would be one of those 1%er's I mentioned!

Oi said...

Expanding on the subject, and without having a blog to trumpet forth on, I would put the figures at 20% arseholes, 10% parasites [such as professional work dodgers like some ACC claimants I know of personally - professional baby bearers and the like]

I would prefer to call the next 50% "The Sheeple" - these are the stolid workers that are [relatively] honest, work an 8hr day, and dont create waves.

Then we come to the rest. The doers, the movers and shakers, the wolves that protect the sheeple [cops, military etc]

Oh-yeah, next time I pass your way, I intend to drop in and have a beer with you....... [None of that Macs Black crap though.......]

Unknown said...

Arsehole and parasite are not mutually exclusive.

Quite the reverse.

Anonymous said...


You didn't fancy driving over the Rimutakas to have drinkies with urban liberals???

Now there's a surprise.

Anonymous said...

So the picture was of you Oswald? I didn't see anything approximating a half decent reflux still in the background - possibly a shotgun shell reloader, but ...
If you've ever succeeded in making a fine scotch replica I would love you to post the process.
I can turn out 96% pure liquid, but further processing tastes like shit ... may require time, but I'm older now & impatient.
& the enjoyment of some not so fine friends, requires a very fine tipple.