Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Burton's parole was 'handled appropriately'
NZPA Wednesday, 10 January 2007

"The Corrections Department has defended its management of the parole of convicted killer Graeme Burton, who was arrested on Saturday after breaching parole and allegedly going on an armed rampage..."

Do they honestly expect up to buy this crap?

Whitewash here:

Parole hearings are two-yearly. Shit for brains got turned down for parole, then goes on to behave as a 'Model Inmate' for two years. Having spent the last 12 years being a total arse.

You don't have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out what has happened here!

To me, you would have to have been a 'Model Inmate' for a longer period than you had been a waste of rations, before I even though about parole!

Parole with an explosive collar as per 'The Running Man'

Yesterday I missed one of my list of shame-

His parole officer.

That one should be bunking with peg-leg for a month or two...


Anonymous said...

'Timely and appropriate' I thought about submitting this to the Yeah, Right competition, but that would be in extreamly bad taste.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

For a description of how prisoners sickeningly manipulate parole boards read Alan Duff's 'In Jakes Long Shadow'. It may be a work of 'fiction' but we know how and where Duff gets his ideas.

Anonymous said...

I almost (but only almost) feel sorry for the chick on TV and radio defending the system's performance here. Surely she got the short straw in fronting up. Her "If we'd known he was ..." comment is laughable. If you "don't know" he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt at all for parole and when eventually released is on a very short lead - once round the neck and over the beam seems about right. There are degrees of murder and his was at that nasty impersonal end. He appears to have been (and seemingly still is) severely disfunctional shouldn't ever have been in a position to reoffend like this on parole.
We have got to start chasing and dealing with criminals but we know reveue is just so lovely and easy that we'll do that instead.

Anonymous said...

It seems his disfunctionality is attributible to drug use. P might have been the trigger, but the gun was still loaded... so to speak.

Unknown said...

P, this weeks excuse for being scum.

Don't care.

Anonymous said...

Whaddya mean "this weeks"...... the pricks have been running that line for ages. time we used it as an excuse to give them harsher sentances.

Unknown said...

Ever notice that no one has ever used "I'm hooked on drugs" as an excuse for being wealthy and successful?

Wonder if there's something in that.

Anonymous said...

But some are Murray. Ask Oswald, $3 - 500,000 a year income & the occasional cost is two to three years inside (catered, educational opportunities, gym equipment, liberal telephone access, own tv & stereo - just no sheilas, but many concerned helpers have been trying to change that) & somewhat heightened paranoia.
Simply seen as operational costs in generating the income.

Oswald Bastable said...

That's about it. But most of those don't wind up inside.

It's the dumbass muscle and frontmen that take the rap for the real players..

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, (the second one), get off their case. IRD say some even pay their taxes (thanks very much). What more could a govt need from you to see you as a model citizen?

Anonymous said...

Judge Burton says it all really ... excellent choice of words & all.
"was not bad but 'drugs' were to blame (exoneration, we're not to blame).....he had not been tested under battle conditions (good, for a waannabe soldier/murderer, & more mitigation) is the most interesting job in law I have ever had" ... & the clincher, "I got an insight into people I would never get, sitting on the bench."
One would have thought that the parole board was sufficiently important for 'insights' to be there prior to participation, not gained in situ.
So it's all OK now, sanitised so to speak ... it's all due to that wicked 'P,' & no one could have reasonably forseen this scenario unfolding.