Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More stuff impersonating news...

Here is a great bit of self-promoting spin, from another 'let's save us from ourselves' outfit.


But in this case, the Great Satan (the MSM) have snapped him!

"...Mr Claridge made no mention of the fact that December was the one of the coldest December months on record for the last 60 years."

Yep, drownings are down bacuse it's been colder than a witch's tit!

So get your hand off it WSNZ- you can't take any credit for global cooling!


Anonymous said...

Glad you spotted that, Oswald. Damn near fell off my chair when I got to the last line and saw that the journo had him pegged.
Makes a change, eh?
(of course, had the number of drownings been UP instead of down, the weasel would have had some convenient excuse--along with a plea for more funding, of course)

Oi said...

In the same class as the traffic section of Police taking all the credit for a reduced road toll.
If what I've seen bloody near everywhere in my travels this last year is anything to go by, the upgrading of roads - ironing out black-spots, widening, straightening and suchlike - might have had a little influence perhaps?
After all, if one improvement stopped one family carload smacking into another car-full - theres a ½ dozen that didnt die....

Anonymous said...

Exactly ash.
Toll up--it's all our fault.
Toll down--thePolice are doing a great job.

Kane Bunce said...

More idiots trying to take the credit for things they the cause of. The world is full of them. That and idiots blaming people for things they had no effect on.

along with a plea for more funding, of course

Out of tax payer dollars of course.

Anonymous said...

They would be doing a hell of a lot more good if they cracked down on all the obviously un-warrantable cars on the road, rather than giving warningings to people doing 109k's

Anonymous said...

cool nick, Leonidas. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aye, after the Spartan king. a man of integrity, honour and valour.