Thursday, January 11, 2007

Have at you!


Harcourt Park, Upper hutt- this weekend


Anonymous said...

This saddens me.

Jousting is an anchronism since a 416 rigby would make short work of a mounted knight in armour.

Oswald Bastable said...

As would my .44 Remington!

But that wouldn't be exactly traditional ;-)

Unknown said...

And what the hell are grass skirts and wooden spears then?

That gets enough of my taxes, this I do for free and it actually has something to do with the culture of the majority of kiwis.

Mrs Smith said...

I don't know about jousting. Guns are indeed much more fun. If they replaced their lances with guns, and the knights fired rounds at each other on horse-back, I might be keen to participate. Although the tournaments wouldn't last very long, I suppose.

Unknown said...

I'm the guy with the artillery mrs smith.

Might last longer than you thought... for me anyway.