Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bloody do-gooders

In the Wairarapa, Trust House own most of the liquor outlets, a string of supermarkets and a lot of ex-housing corp properties.

The deal is that profits are returned to the community via donations. The tend to be expensive and often the only game in town, but shoppers are free to vote with their money and chose to use them or not.

That is fairly much as it should be, as they don't have monopolies on state-controlled services like the bottle shops.

My problem is with their rental properties.

Being a bunch of do-gooders, they rent to those the private market would shun, just like their predecessors.

So what happen- the shit of the world moves in to lower cost housing- more money to spend in thebottle shops and tinnie houses. This is one major reason for the crime in Masterton- it's no co-incidence that about 25% of Rimutaka prison used to name their home town as Masterton!

Some time ago, I did some work in East Masterton. We needed an extra guy just to stay with the trucks and keep the local blowflies off. In the early afternoon, parties were in full swing and a quick glance showed that the teeth to tattoo ratios were all bad. I have had quite a few near-miss incidents driving in these parts of town, as feral children roam free.

These cheap rental houses are not doing our communities any favours, unlike what this plonker thinks. You mean well, but are attracting human refuse into our district. Keep your socialist aspirations to providing pensioner accomodation.

I don't want your failed experiment in my town!


Anonymous said...

The fella with the newly minted doctorate will, of course, not be living in or near community-owned housing.

These types never get too physically intimate with the objects of their adoration and advocacy.

Unknown said...

It turns out its not so far to Countdown in Upper Hutt to do the weekly shopping.

Mrs Smith said...

tee, hee. Well put, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Memories come flooding back. I had a rental in Porirua East for 4 years. It was always a real nice house when they moved in. Cheap rent too. Never again. 1 tenant excellent, other 3 appalling - violent, angry and incredibly dirty people but with nice appliances of course. One was a cockroach farmer - thousands of them. How HCNZ make dough out of the ruffians is a mystery to me.