Sunday, May 03, 2009

The world is full of bludgers and bastards

On the subject of the DBP, Lindsay Mitchel asks:

"...Have we given up caring? Is the DPB just part of the wallpaper now? Is it so institutionalised there is no going back? Or rather, going forward...?"

Not ALL of us have given up caring and we are the ones that never will!

I have yet to hear a convincing argument as to justify why MY earnings are TAKEN from me by force to pay for another persons dumb choices. Why the money I EARN is taken from my family to pay for somebody to bring up- or more likely, drag up a new generation of dysfunctional, ill-mannered, damaged and flawed professional mendicants who will do little but whine about their rights and entitlements.

Bring back the Workhouse for these types!

Two of my female friends have divorced on recent years. The DBP was never an option they even considered. No- they rolled up the sleeves, readjusted and found a way to work and be a parent. They got on with life and if it meant life was to be a whole lot harder for them, they sucked it up and only ever looked forward.

Now- others that I know (not people I would consider friends) split up from the sperm scatterers that spawned their bastard offspring and it was straight on the DBP. And there they will stay for a very long time. One has hope, she takes part-time jobs to help means meet- the other does not (despite having being offered several jobs)
It makes my blood boil when I drive past and see them getting stuck into the Bourbon on an afternoon while I'm out working- picking up the tab you might as well say.

My town (and I suspect your town) is full of these and this is the reason so many put their heads in the sand.

So many people have a stupid or feckless daughter/niece/aunt/sister who is in this position. If they spoke out against the DPB, they whould be in the gun for 'turning on their own'
Others may not approve of what their offspring has done, but they sure as hell don't want to be paying for them out of their own pockets.

This is all without taking into account those who have a shameless sense of entitlement and that 'the rich' should be taxed to pay for the poor 'Have Nots' (and I friggin' hate that phrase!)

Then we have the non-thinking class and that accounts for a fair portion of our population!

Lest you think I have forgotten them, I have NOT forgotten the feckless boy-men that spray their seed about without thought or care. THEY bear an equal burden of responsibility- and guilt. A while ago I heard on bleating about having to pay the kings ransom of $220 a month support for his children. He truely begrudged spending HIS money on HIS offspring- disgusting!

There is much said (at our expense) on responsibilities when driving a vehicle.

A hell of a lot less is said on being resposible for those you bring into the world

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