Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What the MSM DON"T tell you

"An armed "vigilante" group has been ordered off the streets of Martinborough after a violent clash with local youths.

The self-appointed community night patrol is understood to comprise many local business owners including one dubbed the sheriff of Martinborough and was formed after a spate of burglaries in the small Wairarapa town.

Sources say the group carry weapons, though its members deny they are acting outside the law.

They patrol the small Wairarapa town from 10pm till dawn in cars, by foot and on bicycles, taking registration numbers and watching for suspect behaviour.

The group was shut down by police and disbanded in consultation with its members following an incident early on Thursday morning in which a shot was fired during a clash between night patrol members and local youths..."

Now they don't bother to mention that this was 30 young thugs against 2 'vigilantes'.

This is in a town that has ONE policeman, with the nearest backup at least 15 minutes away. Backup that could deal with a mob of thirty is 45 minutes away- asuming they are not already tied up.

We owe these 'vigilantes' a debt of gratitude- they are actually dealing with a problem the police can't/won't touch.

It's all very well talking about communities taking ownership of problems about town, but when they actually do something instead of beating their gums- the MSM and the judiciary put the boot in, like the cowards they are.

We are fed up with the 'leave it to us' crap from the police. We don't want to let crims have their way and wait for a police note to pass to the insurance company!


Now the local member of the dick-licking NZ Council for Civil Liberties is passing the blame to all but the young criminals that started the problem. Of course it is all race related!

Update 2:

Another good piece of commentary from a local here:

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