Saturday, May 09, 2009

Why risk another life?

There seems to be lot of folks saying-"Why risk another life to recover a police officer already shot, who is almost certainly dead?"

They may be surprised to know that there is a very good reason.

Because EVERY police officer or soldier NEEDS to KNOW that EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE will be made to rescue him- or in the worst case- bring his body back to his family.

THAT is why soldiers die trying to bring in another wounded soldier. They know damned well that the guy out there screaming and bleeding out could be THEM next!


And it looks like there were some pretty amazing deeds done rescuing the wounded and dead. I need to make it crystal clear I did not doubt that the men on the ground would try. Any aspersions were cast on their 'leadership' at a political level. The same leadership that sends them into these situations woefully unprepared.

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