Monday, May 18, 2009

Not all historic sites seem of value

"Deerstalkers are once again moving to save historic Sayers Hut in the Tararua Ranges, this time from itself.

Back in 2000 a determined deposition of hunters rallied against Department of Conservation plans to get rid of the hut they said failed "safety and sanitary standards".

DOC relented after accepting that the century-old hut was historic and maintained by the hunters themselves..."

Now if this was a pre-European midden, DOC would be falling over themselves to preserve it!

Already they have destroyed dozens, if not hundreds of historic huts throughout New Zealand. The old shanties built by trampers and hunters (at their own expense) have been systematically demolished, to be replaced with souless prefabs.

Can't have overseas tourists staying in a nasty, unsanitary hut- so we have to pay for nice new ones for them. While DOC smash up our heritage.

Sure, some of these huts were rough as guts, but that was part of the deal- before those heading into the hills became of bunch of high-fashion, lycra-clad, wanker tramper landspeed record seekers incapable of lighting a fire, who crap into plastic bags!

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