Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This will upset the hand-wringers

While I'm never a fan of new government appointments, at least I have the consolation of the fact that Liarbore will be even less happy about her!

"Christine Rankin says she is "really surprised" by the reaction to her controversial appointment as a Families Commissioner..."

I can't say I'm suprised- the left hate her!

As they do everyone who doesn't march to the tuner of 'The Red Flag'

"...Ms Rankin said she stood by her criticism of the anti-smacking bill. She said parents were unnecessarily investigated and it created fear in the community.

"To me it was silly legislation in the first place; we've got a major child abuse problem. We don't need a smokescreen that takes us down the wrong road."

She did not regret her previous comments - she said Labour made mileage out of one conference while she had made major savings at the department, Miss Clark did not have children and Maori did need to face child abuse issues.

"We need to stop being politically correct..."

Too Right!

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