Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drink driving and recidivism in general

"The Dominion Post reported police figures showed that nearly 36,000 drink-driving offences were recorded last year the highest on record. The number has been increasing steadily since 2002, when just under 23,500 offences were recorded..."

So I think we can call the megabucks spent on ad campaigns a failure and to some degree the attempts at policing this problem we have.

I say 'WE' because when some pissed twat smashes into you, it becomes very much YOUR problem. I got hit at 0730 on a Sunday morning, so it's not just a late night problem either.

The problem is the small percentage of the population that just couldn't give a shit- about anything other than gratifying whatever urge hits the bit of gristle that failed to evolve into a brain.

The 'What to do' is the hard part. Hard in that there has to be a paradigm shift in dealing with recidivist criminals.

A case we have heard of so many times is that of the serial drink-driving offender who pushed his luck once too often- like the one here. After four offenses and being indefinetly banned from driving, he proved he HAD LEARNT NOTHING.

So these types- along with other recidivists- need to be removed from society. WE need to be protected from them.

I'm suggesting a radical change in the prison model for this type of offender. Along with the non-violent offenders they are incarcerated in a closed community. They live a 19th century type agricultural existence and it's work or starve.

They don't come out.

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