Friday, May 22, 2009


"A gang fight involving 11 prisoners broke out at Hawke's Bay Prison today.

The fight lasted just over a minute and appeared to have been an incident between the Mongrel Mob and Black Power, Hawke's Bay Prison manager George Massingham said.

It was not known what started the fight, which started just after prisoners were unlocked for the day, Mr Massingham said.

None of the prisoners was seriously injured but some received cuts and bruises..."

So nobody is dead or maimed?

I guess they just aren't very good at fighting.

Let's put them in a sports arena and kit them out with axes, spears, clubs and swords.

Will they get all excited at the prospect or just shit their pants?

Bring back the Colloseum- and seeing as these drug- fueled heros can't mix it up well enough for the circus- bring on the professional gladiators who can carve them up for our viewing pleasure!

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