Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gang patchs and state housing evictions

Here we all dealing with scumbags who's only connection with decent society is to leech from it through welfare and theft. They thumb their noses at our values at every opportunity.

SO- why accord them the rights and privileges of belonging to a civilized society?

What have they done to deserve the 'Human Right's they love to cry foul on, when they promote and live in a culture of feral savagery?

What to our higher principles have to do with criminal recidivists?

Sod them!

If an when they evolve from upright-walking primates to humans- then is the time to talk about 'Rights'- that is, when they learn the concept of responsibility other than the obligations of a vicious tribe.

Banning patches won't do a huge amount- apart from sparking violent behavior that the wearers can be locked up for- but it is a first step in saying "no bloody more!"

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