Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Observation on Blogging

I follow predominantly right-wing and libertarian blogs. The lefty ones tend to be full of stuff I have no interest in or believe to be bullshit, so I avoid them. Occasionally, I follow a link to an amusing piece of hypocrisy or bullshit. I very rarely bother with comments, then only with bloggers I have known from way back in MSN days.

They have their blogs to spout their stuff in and I have no need to point out the errors of their ways, as I see them. Like teaching a pig to whistle, it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Why is it they feel an need- no compulsion, to attack the right wing blogs continally. I could understand them doing that on their own blogs- that's what they are for, but why the need to flood the comments section?

The posts are either:

1- personal attacks
2- long-winded cut& pastes
3- almost never an intelligent debate of the issue- just a 'you are wrong' based on moral issues.
4- devoid of any humour.

The word compulsion probably is the key to it- the left are fascinated with it.

One thing I have learned- reasoned debate is a waste of time- just kick them in their vestigial balls!

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