Saturday, January 21, 2006

The End of the Line facility- Part I


I have often heard the question 'What to do with recidivists and the nastiest types of criminal?'

Personally, I say hang them, but that doesn't sit well with many. OK- secure them and let them rot. Here is where I propose.

The ‘End of the Road’ facility for confirmed recidivist offenders.

The site is on the North Islands central plateau desert. The whole facility is in a restricted area, clearly sign posted. Any unauthorized person found in this zone is liable to a lengthy prison sentence and an unpleasant interrogation. The airspace above the facility is a no-fly zone. Aircraft ignoring radio calls may be fired on by surface to air missiles or heavy machine-gun.

The perimeter is quadruple fenced. Two six foot deer fences, the posts painted bright orange, marks the free fire zone. These are situated either side of the main security fence. 100 metres beyond the inner fence, are two six metre chain link fences, designed to keep persons out, as much as in. Topping the fences and in front of and between lie coils of razor wire. The area between the fences is sprayed to kill any plant growth. Seismic detectors are place to detect tunneling.

Access points are sited every along the perimeter. These gates are covered by surveillance towers. These are constructed from a large unclimbable metal tube, like those used in windmill generators. 12 metres above the ground machine guns are mounted to cover 360 degrees. IR, low-light, motion and a data link top the towers, which are designed to be used manned or by remote.

Close to the perimeter fence runs a road, which is constantly patrolled by foot and vehicle patrols. These patrols are authorized to fire on anyone within the free-fire zone. To avoid friendly fire, all authorized vehicles and personal carry IFF beacons and wear clothing with IR visible ID markings. This is a war zone and under martial law.

With a regular army and a police dog section as cadre run the security side of the operation, patrols are made up of defense and police staff doing tours of duty on a rota basis (Guards soon get bored with this sort of work, so we change them regularly) A heavy weapons and support team are equipped with LAV-3 vehicles.

There is one entry point for inmates. This is a concrete high security building that works as an ‘airlock’ for the prison. Police and prison vans are driven inside and the building secured before the inmates are individually moved for processing, which involves being searched externally and internally for contraband. Once they exit this building, the compound is their home for life.

An administration block and barracks, mess hall and recreation facility is attached but not accessible from this building. Part of the main service block contains interview and medical rooms that are accessible from the compound. These are also in ‘airlock’ style with four doors between the outside and any service room.

Facilities within the compound are spartan. Kitchen and ablution blocks are concrete and heavy steel . Barracks are steel framed, covered in corrugated iron and heated by wood stoves. There is no electricity. All heating is buy burning wood, which must be cut from the forestry block contained within the prison area. Most food is also grown and animals are raised. The only food provided from the outside are vitamin and mineral supplemented k-rations. Nutritious, but like eating soap.

Inmates are forbidden to remain inside during daylight and are forbidden to leave the huts during darkness. A bell is rung for changeover time. Anyone outside after hours is liable to be shot.

Periodic searches of all buildings are carried out by troops at company strength providing security, while specialist search teams comb the facility. All inmates must move to a inner barbed wire compound for this to be carried out. Any non-compliance is immediately meet by water cannon, tear gas or lethal force.

There is no contact with the outside world.

There is no hope of reprieve.

BTW, Footage of this facility is played at 'first offender' facilities and the nastier bits of life inside the wire are shown on TV. How's that for reality TV!


sagenz said...

kewl - I dont suppose we could exile smarmy annoying politicians there?

Jude the Obscure said...

No need for an administration block - they are there for life. No visitors either. The Carmelites don't have a problem with that. Letters only - no parcels. Ditto recreation facilities - they will get enough exercise cutting wood. No need for vitamin/mineral supplemented k-rations or medical care, no mobiles or television or next thing you know you are setting up the nice little four star facilities recidivists live in now.

Jude the Obscure said...

BTW, because these guys have some nasty habits I suggest the only animals raised are rats and hamsters. They are fast breeding and edible. Don't put higher order animals in with rapists and sadists.

Oswald Bastable said...

The admin block and recreation facility is for the troops guarding the facility!

As for the animals, I agree. Chickens are all that are needed.

I will get onto visitors, letters, etc (lack of) in my next installment!

Regarding politicians- this facility is for criminals that are proven beyond rehabilitation- of course we should send smarmy, annoying politicians there!

Jude the Obscure said...

Don't be such an old softie. Murderers (pre-meditated), rapists and paedophiles should go in first time. No point waiting around for them to be rehabilitated because we know they can't. What about compulsory weekend stays for human rights activists? Extended to compulsory week or month long stays until they get the idea another job would be more comfortable?

Oswald Bastable said...

All covered by the first sentence.

'I have often heard the question 'What to do with recidivists and the nastiest types of criminal?'


I see no reason why do-godders can't volunteer to go in and do their good work! HEHEHEHE!

Brian Smaller said...

I have thought about this as well but suggest using Pitt island (off the Chathams). Give every land owner there compensation of $10 million for the use of the island. Still be cheaper in the long run.

Oswald Bastable said...

The Auckland islands are another possibility...

Anonymous said...

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