Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Day at the Races

Race day at Tauherenikau tommorrow. I'm probably in the ambulance that chases the horses around the track, which is better than dealing with heat prostration compounded by alcohol.

We usually have some drama, someone either falls off or gets squashed by a horse and there is always a suspected (or actual) cardiac problem.

Having already figured out that one horse can run faster than another, I have no need to spend money finding this out, so I'm safe there.

Watch this space and tommorrow I will post the most stupid questions we get asked. For some reason, a person in uniform is meant to know EVERYTHING about what's going on at the event.

'No, I have no idea how to fill out a trifecta coupon, but you could just give me the money instead' (I'm sure the shoulder patch says 'Ambulance Officer, not 'Race Official')

'No, we don't sell sunscreen' (in your case,Pinky-too late!)

'No, we don't sell paracetamol' (just keep drinking!)

'No, we don't sell knee supports, sunglasses, crutches, walking sticks or wheelchairs'

But on the positive side, one person did stick $50 in the donation tin after we treated a child for some minor sprain!

The weather forecast isn't that great, which is good for us. A scorcher means lots of work!

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