Thursday, January 12, 2006

An Asset Wasted

GOOSE hunters in Wairarapa are outraged at what they believe is a secret plan by New Zealand Fish and Game to cull 800 Canada geese at Lake Wairarapa this week.
Neil Hayes, of Carterton, said yesterday he had got wind of the plan, which he said proved to hunters that Fish and Game could only manage bird populations "by default".
"If a cull is necessary – and we don't believe it is – it should be done in a sporting manner with all gamlicensece holders given the opportunity to participate."


Some cretins couldn't organise a piss-up in the proverbial brewery! Can they perhaps not see that people would be willing to pay money to shoot the damn things? (Which are like eating a boiled gumboot, BTW)

As said later in the article, people from the states pay big money to come out here and shoot stuff- it's not just geese but deer, thar and an assortment of other animals that our taxes are used to destroy as pests.

Sure, they are pests but why not make a dollar out of getting rid of them?

The only thing that got deer really under control, was when they became worth money to shoot and capture. People making money got the job done.

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