Sunday, January 29, 2006

Good, clean fun!

The .44 auto and pump-gun or 'Wild Bunch' match (from the classic movie) is an experiment we tried last year. I have since found out that it is taking off as a side-match at CAS events, in the states (CAS- Cowboy Action Shooting)

Unlike classic cowboy era matches, this event allows the use of the classic model 1911 .45 Auto pistol. Usually, we shoot a two-gun match- pistol and pump-action shotgun. Sometimes we have a rifle stage, for lever-action rifles in pistol calibres. Targets are steel plates and scoring is hit or miss. Winner has the fastest time and a five-second penalty is added for a miss.

Shotgun targets are from 8-10 metres, pistol from 7-50 metres and rifle 25-50 metres. Nothing is too big or too close to miss, when it's a speed event!

Another fun day! I had a disasterous first stage with 5 misses on the pistol stage, although they were all on the 50 metre targets. That is asking a lot for a speed event, but I only missed two on the second stage, which is about par for the course.

I must have made the shotgun stage a bit easy as nobody missed a shot all day- even though I went to smaller fall-down targets and spread them out more- still, its about how fast you do it!

As we only had a few today, we dropped the rifle stage, but I had a play with the falling disks and my .45 colt lever gun. One miss out of 26 rounds- wish I could do that in competition!


Anonymous said...

What no rifles?

No 92 Winchesters, or 03 bolt action Spingfields?

And what about the machine gun at the end, even though it was a 1917 Browning, you would need one of those to make your day!

Not much of a reenactment by the sounds of it, just a bunch of hoons poluting the air with lead what would Nandor say??

Oswald Bastable said...

We don't give a fuck what Nandor would say!

Oswald Bastable said...

We have to use what we have. The horse is an oil drum on rockers, too!

And if we had a machine gun out, I sure wouldn't be mentioning it on a open forum!

Anonymous said...

Are you involved in a "Militia" at all?

I know this organization is popular among many who don't like a democratically elected govt of the day.

To be honest I was somewhat suprised after checking up that Cowboy Western Shooting is legal in NZ, Also combat shooting of silhouette (People Targets) targets. I find this somewhat disturbing that this form or should I say forms of shooting is exceptable in a country like NZ.

I can see the reason for the Police & Armed services being trained, but I can't work out why the public should be left to their own devices.

The last thing we need is a group or groups of people with motives not in keeping with our NZ way of life, to be trained in the use of Riot Shotguns, handguns.
We could be looking at another Aromoana on our hands, or worse!
I'm surprised the NZ Police & Politicans know this is happening, or do they!
I'm also concerned to know if the general public know these activities are going on?

Oswald Bastable said...

You wouldn't be Adjustor from MSN,, would you?

It had the same outlook on all that it dissapproved of- a very long list of activities.

Sod off elsewhere- you are not welcome here.