Sunday, January 15, 2006

Deborah Coddington's Ranting

If the discussions on New Zealand political blogsites indicate the quality of political debate in this country our intelligentsia is in a parlous state.


I don't have the luxury of a proof reader to pick up my typos. I don't get paid (this costs me money) for writing either. I would have put a comma between 'country' and 'our', mind.

I am flattered to find myself in the intelligentsia, though. Not too flattered, as most of the great unwashed make Mr Blobby look like Oscar Wilde.

She may have been unfortunate in striking Millsy, but I thought she would have met far worse in parliament. I have personally heard MP's come out with some fairly foul personal abuse!

It's useful to know the caliber of some of these extremist nutbars out there- If I hadn't meet them here and on previous forums, I would have doubted they existed in real life. Deborah Coddington may do well to spend more time in here and see what type of people make up the big wide world outside of her circle. In the same way all lawmakers should spend time working in a prison- as a lowly Corrections Officer...

As I see it, blogging is a reflection on society- there are all types out there from Saints to Sphincters- and all the shades in between. What she chose to focus on- personal abuse- this goes on in real life. Does she also wish for our private conversations to be moderated, because I'm hearing the same stuff there? One would hope not...

Or are these speculations just side issues. Could the real issue be that journo's hate us taking attention from the card-carrying union members- are we a threat- I'm seeing more attacks on bloggers, while they simultaneously try to say we are irrelevant?- I wonder...

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