Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feral scum spawning rabid animals- on our dollar

"Featherston police have confirmed children, some under 10 years old, have been roaming the town committing crimes and abusing people.

Sergeant Kevin Basher said the problem had surfaced about six months ago, when a core of three or four troublemakers, with as many as 15 others, embarked on a campaign of crime - lighting fires, stealing, damaging cars, shops and houses and abusing people in the street.

Featherston Fire Chief Colin McKenna also said children as young as 6 had been seen wandering the streets until 2am...:

More here:

I have an idea!

For repeat /recidivist offenders, remove them and put them in an orphanage, where they can learn structure and discipline. At the same time cutting off an income stream to the feckless breeders that spawn them...

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Anonymous said...

When the answers are so asy I can't bring myself to vote for people who are more stupid than me.