Monday, January 09, 2012

Dumbass kid and parents

"An online video of a brave little girl facing down a massive lion at Wellington Zoo has some people flinching at the lion's reaction.
Malik the lion was tucking into his breakfast of meat when Sofia Walker, 3, hopped onto a viewing platform and pressed her hands and face against the glass enclosure.
In an attempt to scare curious Sofia off her perch, Malik glared, growled and twitched his mane before pouncing on the glass and pawing at it..."

Not 'Brave'- too stupid to recognize a clear and present danger. As for the parents- do you really want to have that much faith in a piece of glass?- installed to council specifications.
Been there myself- I decided it was time to leave. Potential for becoming a chew-toy aside- is it fun and clever to wind up a caged animal?
Not for me...


Nemesis said...

I was only reading about this little gem this morning. Amazing isn't it, how some parents lack even a modicum of common sense when their kids put themselves in precarious situations to realize the possible danger, not too mention that this kind of 'training' for the young child will go a long way into shaping her own sense of awareness for future dangerous situations.

I agree with every word of your rant Os, couldn't have stated it better myself.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if she takes this approach with animals when not seperated by glass. Respect is never a bad idea - a bite awaits the foolish eventually.

Anonymous said...

Will definitely be part of dog bite statistics in the future.