Monday, January 02, 2012

It's hard to manage 'just plain stupid'

"Police Minister Anne Tolley is blaming stupidity for a cruel string of deaths at the tail end of a year which saw the fewest road-crash fatalities since 1952.
"Perhaps the weather had something to do with it, and general stupidity, from the sound of it," she said yesterday, after the holiday road toll since Christmas Eve soared to 17..."
A bit of plain-speaking for a change!
I have been following the news on crashes and more than a few involve that COMBINATION of excessive speed for the conditions, intoxication and stupidity. It could be argued that the two former are the result of the latter and I would be inclined to agree. A point often missed it that it is usually a combination of several factors that lead to a smash- not just one.
Stupidity will not be a popular causation with those who presume to know what is best for us. Making dumb decisions smacks of the individual being responsible for their actions and that will not do.
We can't have folks getting the idea that they should take personal responsibility for their lives. That could be doing the ruling classes out of a job!


Anonymous said...

But speed is not subjective when it comes to policing, measuring and revenue raising so we'll stick with that.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I saw a photo of the deceased driver from the Otaihanga crash. Was that a fireman's uniform? Maybe he should know better (but obviously didn't on the day).