Thursday, January 26, 2012

A poverty of imagination

I'm so sick of hearing whining kids (and adults) bitching about ' how there is nothing for young people in this town'.

Oh, really?

How about the new skatepark?- the numerous very large sports fields, playgrounds, walkways and reserves. The lake 3 km away and the rivers slightly more- a short bike ride on flat roads. The Tararuas and Rimutakas on the edge of town. The public library. The host of sports clubs and the pool that costs all of a dollar. The games club, Friday club, St John cadets and a heap of others i can't recall right now. The endless wind for flying kites.

The fact that there is a video shop that has dirt-cheap hire on slightly older movies. The second-hand shops that have piles of cheap books. That many families have internet, Sky, DVD players and big-screen TV's (the 'poor' all seem to have these!)

But no- there is 'nothing to do'

I'm betting that if some philanthropists payed for a hall full of all the modern wonders free, a certain group would bitch if they were put under the imposition of having to follow a few rules in order to use this facility- such as not selling/using drugs or being able to play the thug.

Actually, this is pretty much what has happened here...

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