Friday, January 27, 2012

Some cultural activities are more equal than others

"Defence spokesman John Gordon said the plan would retain the regular force army band, based at Burnham, the air force band based in Wellington and the navy band based at Devonport, Auckland. They were all manned by full-time bandsmen and women.
The aim was to cut $900,000 from the $5.9 million spend annually on military bands..."
One trusts, as the bean-counters cut away yet another piece of military tradition, they will be also cutting the inevitable primate threat displays, spear-waving and chanting that curse every kind of official gathering.
What?- no bets on this one?

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Anonymous said...

My dad was permanent air force and upon returning from a year in the Pacific was next in line for on base housing at Ohakea - until a bandsman got it over him. He decided to do his time and leave. The bands were not well regarded by the regular serviceman he said - not exposed to danger and better looked after than the guys at the front line. He'd say good riddance I suspect.