Monday, January 16, 2012

Shit happening- caused by shit

"A group of gang members did a runner from an accident they caused in the Awakino Gorge yesterday, leaving injured members of a family in their crashed car.
The gang members appear to have been racing their two cars – one of them stolen – north through the gorge when they forced the southbound family off the road and into a ditch..."
I think that we need to lose the hangup about being 'judgmental' and get a damned sight more judgmental. Gangs need to be condemned and hounded every inch of the way. Every time they set foot outside there should be a copper waiting to search them, check their car, run a check for warrants. Every shop they go into should issue a trespass order and refuse to do business with them. Every time their dog barks or they fart, the local council should issue an abatement notice. And they should be shunned by the rest of us. No law-abiding citizen should give them the time of day or do any kind of business transaction with them.

Then we should start making their lives hard...


gravedodger said...

Very civil of you to go easy on them initially Oz.
Seriuosly, great tactics though.

Anonymous said...

Would that include evicting their troublesome women from state housing? Whoops, fail.

The chicken shit police won't hound them because there's more money to be made from the non threatening types.

Anonymous said...

100% behind you. If society, i.e. the majority, exerts "peer pressure" demanding acceptable social behaviour, the crap will stop.