Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Camping- Pleasure or Pain

It can be either.

Picture a small tent n a crowded camping ground. Kids tracking mud inside, the incessant rain, a screaming baby two tents over and a diet of burnt sausages. An hour to blow an air mattress up, to have it go flat in the middle of the night. The route march through sand and mud to a fetid toilet block. The sound of jungle drums and shrieking from a group of pissed teenagers, that continues until dawn...

No wonder some folks hate camping!

Then there is camping as I have known it. A remote coastal location or a river valley in the bush, well away from all others. Access by 4wd or a short walk to the campsite. A group of good company, well-experienced in life outdoors, with all the gear needed to make life comfortable- good tents, lighting, chairs, tables and plenty of ice. Days spent hunting, fishing, swimming- or just reading in the shade. Warm, clear nights around the campfire, watching the stars, enjoying good wine and cold beer after feasting on game...

It's even easier now, with some of the whizzo new camping gear, such as portable battery/gas showers, affordable generator sets, solar panel chargers, Ipods, self-inflating mattresses and LED lighting.

No wonder some of us love it!

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