Sunday, May 15, 2011

State dependence shows more and more

I have been following a small town's Facebook page and have noticed a disturbing trend. With every event of interest (the last one was a few seismic testing charges being detonated) there are loud whinging noises along the lines of 'I was not officially told'.

They seem to think that it is the responsibility of local government to PERSONALLY inform them of what is going on (and as often as not, similar whinging about not 'being consulted') Their tone implies a personal visit with an information pack and a cap-wringing apology for any possible inconvenience that may be suffered.

A public notice in the local papers isn't enough anymore. Heaven forbid that they take a little interest in local affairs and keep their friggin eyes and ears open. That they should bother to visit a few websites, read the local free papers, look at a noticeboard or actually talk to people about life off the screen or sports field.

To me, the worrying trend is the dependence on local government for information. The conditioning is working!

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