Thursday, May 19, 2011

There IS intelligent life in Masterton

"A veteran Masterton deer hunter has spoken out over what he believes were manifestly inadequate penalties imposed on a group of hunters who broke the rules before a woman was shot dead near Turangi late last year...

...Mr Stuart said the consequences of their "very serious breach" were that while they could eventually get on with their lives, the young woman who died had lost that privilege.

"You can feel sorry for the bloke who shot the girl, who is deeply remorseful, but at the end of the day, he did it."

He said as a veteran hunter he had to wonder how the shooting could have happened.

"They must have been very inexperienced hunters not to have been able to distinguish a camper's headlamp from a deer's eyes...."

I have lost count of the shots I have NOT taken because I could not 100% identify the target AND/OR positively know where a missed shot would fall.
It's hunting- not war. Mistakes are not an option.

I DO feel sorry for the poor dumb SOB that shot a camper- a little. I feel a lot sorrier for her and her family. I can't feel that 'but for the grace of the gods- there goes me.'

THAT is the hallmark of a GENUINE accident.


Anonymous said...

Such confidence. Tomorrow is another day and cock ups are waiting. You may not shoot someone but deaths in any other way are just as final.

That doesn't mean there's any excuse for not identifying your target but compassion can go lots of ways.

Oswald Bastable said...

Have been almost killed servel times by the entirely preventable actions of others, my commpassion for negigent stupidity is about zero