Friday, May 06, 2011


"A group of young Petone pupils are gearing up for an "educational" field trip to McDonald's, with free burgers in the offing.

About 100 Wilford School pupils, aged between 5 and 7, will visit Petone McDonald's next Monday and Tuesday as "a very interesting learning experience", the school says..."

To right!- it's never too soon to start showing kids what their fate could be, should they shun education and/or ambition.

Burger flippers- Just like Spongebob...


Anonymous said...

You know how fickle some kids will be, my guess would be that more than a few would come back squealing how they want to work at MacDonalds when they grow up. Trouble is, a lot of their parents would be able to describe working there very intimately.

KPete said...

As my old english teacher Mr Howe used to say... "feel free to do nothing all year sonny; I will always need someone to cook my fries at macDonalds".

Yep, it had the desired effect.