Friday, May 20, 2011

What do you mean- NOTHING?

'Nothing to help poorest families'

"Last night's Budget did little to help low-income people, says Barnados Marlborough area manager Mike Henderson.

A brave Budget would have adjusted tax reductions made last year to balance out the effect of increasing GST, to make sure low-income people benefited, Mr Henderson said.

Families living on a limited income were struggling to cover the basics such as bread and milk...'

OK, so the position has already gone from 'Nothing' to 'Little'.

I say that they already get 'Plenty'.

So do many other taxpayers who are sick of their own families going short to prop up the ungrateful authors of their own misfortune, deadbeats, serial breeders and professional medicants. They may well say they get 'Far too much'.

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