Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When victim becomes the offender

"...Carterton community facilities manager Brian McWilliams said the scheme was simply aiming to "to have a really pretty town".

He said that meant people needed to take more responsibility for their buildings.

"There are some walls in town that have tagging on them and it just stays there. If graffiti stays on the wall the longer it stays there the more it gets added to."

The draft policy states that "Graffiti on private property is the responsibility of the owner/occupier".

"If the occupier/property owner does not remove graffiti within five working, consent should be given for the council to remove the graffiti at the occupier/property owner's expense..."

NO! no no no no no no no!

This is totally wrong on all levels!
A typical example of an arrogant and dictatorial local government. A property owner is the VICTIM of a crime- and by some bizzare twist of 'logic', he is RESPONSIBLE for the repair of the criminal damage inflicted on his property.

What a total load of horseshit!

The only person responsible for repairing the damage is the shit-head vandal that committed the act of willful property damage. HE is the offender.

NOT the RATEPAYER whose property was defaced.

Is that so hard for even a pencil-dicked council apparatchik to understand?

It would appear so...


The probligo said...

Yep, so the graffitti stays there until such time as the dickhead is caught, prosecuted, fined, and appealed.

Give or take a month - about 3 years...

That what you want?

Oswald Bastable said...

And so you totally miss the point...

The probligo said...

Wrong. Your point is that you should not have to pay for the removal (as indirectly as the intervention of any form of government in the removal of the graffitti).

OK, so it will stay there until such time as the Justice system runs its course.

Oh. Unless of course you feel you should have the right to go out and shoot a couple of teenagers on sight... irrespective of proof that they were responsible. That would figure as well!

Oswald Bastable said...

The innnocent party should not be COMPELLED to remove the grafitti. THAT is my point.

Of course one solution is to make PD workers remove it.

As for shooting people irrespective of proff, you are just talking shit.

The probligo said...

There is a very simple answer - tell the pencilheads that you OWN the graffitti.

Then if they remove it sue the bastards for removing your street art.