Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The rest of the story

"Wannabe ninjas have had nunchakus and throwing stars confiscated by Customs, while tear gas, muskets and knuckledusters are among the more bizarre weapons being stopped at the border...

...Among the guns seized by border control last year were 76 rifles, 16 shotguns, 41 pistols – and a musket.

Upper Hutt Gun Club captain Dave Grant said it was rare for muskets to be used for game shooting nowadays, and it was more likely someone was trying to smuggle it in as a collector's item..."

Now I know of this 'musket' (which it strictly speaking isn't, but I will forgive a mere reporter for not knowing the distintions between muzzle-loading firearms)

The chap who imported it did so as it was a model not available here in NZ. He is a keen collector and shooter of these period firearms.

He did all the paperwork as advised by police that was needed and some pencil-necked customs wennie decided he didn't like the packing label's description of the contents. Some matter of being 'misdescribed'. So it was confiscated with no right of appeal. But only after they got the unsuspecting importer to first pay the GST!

There was never any attempt to smuggle this kitset firearm into the country. A permit to import was issued by the police, this was later revoked on a whim of customs.


Anonymous said...

And they wonder why we've lost respect for 'authority'. Scumbags

KPete said...

Just read your guest post on TheFirearmBlog. Way cool.
I've had a blast with the .455 webley. There's omething out these british beauties, Webley and Enfield. It's a beautiful thing.