Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tough shit

"Supporters of Alison Downer, jailed yesterday for more than two years for the drink-drive death of a cyclist, say the 71-year-old will struggle to cope in prison.

Downer, an alcoholic from Te Horo, was yesterday banned from driving for eight years for what was her fourth drink-driving conviction since 1991. She had twice blown almost three times the legal breath-alcohol limit..."

Cry me a river!- If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!


You SHOULD be suffering, you poxy old piss-pot!


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't she charged with manslaughter? Our law sucks, imagine if it had been her loved one. Two years is too short, the victim's family have a life sentence to serve, I really feel for them.

Ayrdale said...

I agree anon. However, although she's obviously mentally impaired, the 8 months she will serve will ( I hope) dry her out for good, and help her see the light.

Who knows she may even learn te reo in there.

Irony alert.