Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes- and?

"A cost-cutting directive from the Government to Radio New Zealand (RNZ) has been taken by unions and opposition MPs as political interference and a blow to the public broadcaster's ability to maintain standards and independence..."

Of course it is political!

The government is doing what we hoped it would do (and not NEARLY enough)- trim expenditure- actually, slash bloody great chunks out of it is what is really wanted!

If you want late night classical music, buy some CD's or download them from ITunes- with your own frickin' money!

If you want to listen to a story, they are also available on line- Smashwords have a selection of audio books (that link will get you in the right direction, but feel free to buy the ebook it links to!)

They are certainly cheap enough!

Visit facebooks 'Don't save Radio New Zealand' page here- and help slap down the compulsion brigade!

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Anonymous said...

Being a user pays fan I confess I like the National Program for its content and lack of adds. Catch 22. I guess trim the fat a bit? Yikes.