Thursday, February 25, 2010

The perennial summer rant

I have just been reading about yet another bludging bastard over at Lindsay Mitchel's blog.

This is the time of year when the bludgers are particularly noticeable and I find it incredibly irritating to see them sitting in a group on the front step of their poxy rental shithole, pissing up while the rest of the world is working!

When you have been on the job for six hours working outside in the hot sun and it's only mid-day and you have six hours to go yet- you tend to find a bunch of idlers guzzling Tui BROUGHT WITH YOUR TAX MONEY very friggin' frustrating!

I'm sure these products of drunken incest like to flaunt their taxpayer-funded life of leisure to the rest of us!

It would be incredibly easy to play the 'sickness' game myself- hell, I have all sorts of now arthritic old injuries I COULD play on and I have enough medical knowledge to fake what I don't have. But this thing called 'self-respect' keeps you going.

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