Monday, February 22, 2010

Back on the crystal ball

Had a bit of a discussion about health nazis and smoking today.

The other party said that government would never ban fags- too much money involved.

I agreed that banning was unlikely, but what will probably is that they will be made harder to obtain legally- it will happen something like this:

Total ban on advertising.
Outlets to be licenced.
Outlet numbers to be restricted- probably shrinking-lid with a tobacco licence non-transferable.
Smokers to be licenced. ( yeah, butI bet you never believed it would be banned in the pub!)
Medical insurance denied to smokers. (you see, we know who you are now!)
Total ban in public (let labor in and watch!)

THEN it will be you evil drunkards turn!

Sound far-fetched?

The idea of banning smoking in the workplace or pub was considered laughable just a couple of decades ago...

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