Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Damn right!

"Any teacher who will not work with national standards should resign, Wairarapa MP John Hayes says..."

Do what you are told!

Your political masters are out and the Nats are in (not that most of us can see a huge difference)

Now this is how it is for PUBLIC SERVANTS:

3.51 New Zealand's state sector is founded on the principle of political neutrality. Officials must perform their jobs professionally, without bias towards one political party or another. Employees in the state sector are expected to act in such a way that their agency maintains the confidence of its current Minister and of future Ministers. This principle is a key element of impartial conduct. It provides the basis on which officials support the continuing process of government by successive administrations.

Suck it up, take a big bite of the shit sandwich and get on with the job. Or find employment elsewhere.

Perhaps in the pre-prepared food or discount retail industries...

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