Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camping is self-delusion

You go away and sleep on uncomfortable beds in a paper-thin tent that is cold at night and an oven during the day.

A call of nature means a walk across stony or wet ground- or keep a wide-necked container in the tent (forbidden by she-who-must-be-obeyed)

You live on a diet of small sausages in spagettii, packet noodles fish & chips and beer. That's the good part.

But the more beer you drink means more walking across the stony ground. Every time you get up to visit the facilities means the air bed moves and you get berated by the other person for waking her up due to your Warehouse bladder.

Everone for 100 meters around can hear you loudly break wind- something that happens often due to the diet of fish & chips, packet noodles and little sausages in watery spagettii washed down with vast quantities of VB.

Ten minutes after you get back to a semi-destroyed house (the previous packing efforts) you have convinced yourself that you miss it and want to go away next weekend...

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