Sunday, June 25, 2006

On Baby Murderers

They should have already done the decent thing and killed themselves but haven't, so hang them.

Those who try to cover up such a murder- flogging, public shaming in the stocks, then prison.

There are no excuses for beating a child to death.

And bring back the workhouse for these friggin' deadbeats who won't support themselves!

Brown, white or brindle!


KG said...

"There are no excuses for beating a child to death."

There ya go Turia, you and every other apologist for this filthy behaviour--write that out a thousand times.

Write Disability said...

I think you're not really being fair to the Whanau of those babies...

The system set them up to fail, cut off from their cultural roots they formed an "ad hoc" urban whanau.

Poverty nessecitated their communual living arrangement and they where driven into the arms of the gang culture where they sought to satisfy their need for hapu and iwi.

Sad but true, in a cold, callous society that deprived them of their basic human rights, such as their right to observe Maakariti.

I can't even think that without laughing. The "Whanau" is almost as guilty as the murderer(s), they should be charged with aiding and abetting a murderer.

Anonymous said...

"There are no excuses for beating a child to death"

Too true. Adults have the ability to reason, to understand consequence and to react accordingly. But what makes this worse is the guilty party knows what they did is wrong.

And they're not admitting to it.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard the expression Cunning as a Maori dog

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of people defending little stupid scum babies. Babies and society need to pay. I myself, plan to crush some baby skull with a good sledgehammer. Society is scum, and I want America pay. The more baby skulls I crush and lives I ruin, the better.

You can kill me, but the 8 or so babies I killed are still dead, and the family suffers. That is all that matters to me.