Thursday, June 01, 2006

How stupid can you get?

$18m Lotto winners fled country
8.25am Thursday June 1, 2006

"The couple who won $18m on the Lottery fled the country after the news broke, they revealed today.

Helen and Geoff Henderson bought the winning ticket in Kaeo, Northland, and their identity was made public at the weekend..."


Are they certifiably insane? Who in their right mind would give their identity after a win like that!

Every leech, moocher, deadbeat and parasite will now beat a path to their door with hand outstretched.

My plan would to be to tell friends and family I had a large but much more modest win, which would explain the new ute and upgrading the house. I would start a dummy company to explain my lack of employment elsewhere (it will probably do some trading, but that's another story)

They will regret owning up to the windfall.

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