Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spot the difference

Trick question!- they are both mindless, shit-eating parasites!

Having so kindly decided to allow me to have some of my money back, they have decided to screw up the job.

"as we don't have your bank account details, we can't direct credit...."

BOLLOCKS!!! you wankers do have my bank details.

That's how I get my 'working for labourites' kickback every fortnight!

For the last two nights yer wanking automated phne system has been kaput, so I can't 'follow the friggin' prompts!'

I hope one of the worms pictured above gets confused as to which end your arse is (understandable) and crawls out your nose!


Jude the Obscure said...

Inland Revenue - Te Takie Takie.

Anonymous said...

I rang up after my "in-work" payments failed to start.
They had the right account number for the tax refund but the wrong one for family assistance.

go figure

Murray said...

I figure they're idiots.