Friday, June 23, 2006

Yet another mixed message...

Apparently, Dickless wants us to save more:

Dr Cullen says the figures are evidence New Zealanders' savings habits are inadequate, which is why the Government is introducing the Kiwisaver scheme to lift the level of savings in this country.


OK, so we are meant to save.

Question: If half the bloody country is so poor that they need to be on a friggin' benefit (WFF), who does the saving?


Murray said...

I promise to save EVERY CENT of the next tax cut Cullen delivers to me.

It's like a bloody mugger waiting to be tipped after he's cleaned out your wallet!

Lucia Maria said...

I just want my new bathroom. I'll swap it with Cullen's if he quibbles.

Write Disability said...

Why not get some treasury boffins to speculate on the share market, give them a half million dollars each. Their breif; make the country rich.

Every year they return a decent profit, give them 40 or 50 million more.

Anonymous said...

Save? I would love to, but somehow I don't think I will get the change anytime soon. Around 25% of my in work payment will be going straight to the local council in rates increase for starters.

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