Saturday, June 10, 2006

Consume Vast Quantities!

I went out for dinner tonight at The Royal Hotel, Featherston.

I can't remember the last time (if there ever was one) when I recieved a resturant meal too large for me to eat at one sitting- the Lone Star In Christchurch used to come close.

Tonight I found a eatery that defeated my appetite!

I had the marinated pork- about 1/2 a small pig served with enough wedges and coleslaw to feed the late pig for a couple of days! All washed down with Montieth's Dark.

Starters and desert were definitly out of the question- maybe if you spead the meal out over three hours.

The wife had a BLT that was on the same heroic scale. The meals are simple, but hearty and excellent value for money. The BLT & chips was $12.50 and the pork mountain was $15.50

The pub itself is a reincarnation of the old turn of the century timber two-storied pub. The accomodation upstairs will be finished this summer. Now tastefully restored the decour is polished wood and leather, with a roaring log fire and the usual assortment of stuffed animals, old farm tools and weaponry on the walls.

The leather seats are generous and comfortable. Tables and chairs are available on the two decks for those social outcasts wishing to smoke cigarettes.

For those needing such things, there is a large plasma screen showing SKY sports and a TAB & pokies keep the gamblers supporting the govamint's tax needs.

Meals can be had in the bar or in a large seperate dining room, more often used for group bookings.

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