Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Gold- Plated Bitch's Box

Details on the latest waste of OUR money Here:

"A new women's prison, described by the Government as a world class facility designed to help inmates turn their lives around, opened in Auckland today...."

What they have built is a time out facility for these slags to have a rest from their drugs, loser sperm donors and meal ticket kids.

A tent city ringed in wire with vegetable gardens to tend and wood to chop for fuel would work better.

The soft cock do-gooders seem to think that a taste of a better life will turn them around.

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It will be a rest home for junkies, whores, theives and layabout trash.

They will be as likely to change their ways as a Frenchman is likely to move from living next door to a brothel!


Murray said...

Bet half of them are from Naenae too.

Anonymous said...

Nah, this is for Jafas. They aren't as hardy.