Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Which act is more offensive?

"Three nephews of MP Hone Harawira, accused of beating up a 12-year-old boy, appeared in court this afternoon.
Mau Toa Harawira, 30, Enesi Zane Brooks Taito, 25, and Tohora Harawira, 22 - sons of anti-violence campaigner Hinewhare Harawira - are on bail after the alleged assault..."

"A commercial pilot was today fined $3750 for the "gravely offensive" act of hovering a helicopter over the summit of Aoraki/Mt Cook on Christmas Eve in 2011..."

I guess we will have to wait for the outcome of the first story to be settled in court, but if there were any true justice in this country, slapping around a little kid would carry a WAY bigger penalty than upsetting a mountain's mojo!


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, what a PC-infested country we have become when a judge rules that a hovering helicopter is "offensive".

Since when have we lived in a country that has a *state-backed* set of beliefs that we all must abide by? What a load of bollocks.

Ronbo said...

"Mountain Mojo offended by a helicopter?" PROVE IT, I SAY!

I hate to say it, but New Zealand is MORE Leftist PC than America (and that's saying something!)...so it's kind of funny when I hear my friends saying, "I can't stand Obama! I'm moving to New Zealand."

This is when I ask the friend for his email, so I can give him a link to this blog.

Funny thing...none of them are leaving the States for Kiwi :-)

Oswald Bastable said...

It's true, unfortunately.